What's that Twinkle in the Sky?

Finally I have a proof copy in my hand of the next book from Frankie and Harry's Bookshelf!

This book aims to introduce kids to the concept of stars, what they are and some of the different types. I think kids are able to take in a lot more information than we sometimes give them credit for. 

I love when I talk to my kids about astronomy and they love it too. The best thing is when they repeat to me what I have taught them, and then start to ask questions about space! 

This is one of the reasons I decided to write a book like this ; why not introduce new scientific words into a child's vocabulary? They can take it! and the more they know, the more they want to find out.

This book has been taking shape for over about 18 months. Not only was the composition of the verses challenging (hey it's got to rhyme), but I also hand painted each page myself too. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and I really hope you enjoy the result.

I am still tweaking the hard copy of the book but the E-pub is ready to go ! It's available in the online store for you to download onto your device. I hope to get the hard copy out very soon. 

Stay stellar!




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